About Helene Walsh

Helene Miller Walsh was appointed to fill the seat of former Illinois State Representative Nick Sauer after he allegedly violated the “Revenge Porn Act” by sharing images of his former girlfriend for the purposes of “catfishing” men on Instagram. Helene was officially sworn in on August 18th. Helene has never held elected office before and it shows. Her pick is also very surprising as the attitudes she expresses via social media are hardly consistent with how the Republican Party and sensible people within would have it. The 51st District includes Deer Park, Forest Lake, Green Oaks, Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer, Lake Barrington, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Long Grove, Mundelein and North Barrington.

Her selection was not unanimously supported by the powers that be in the wake of Sauer. Differences arose quickly and it seemed to have come down to factionalism. Pragmatism certainly did not win the day.

Governor Rauner backed Barrington Village President Karen Darch while State Senator Dan McConchie wanted it to go to Ela Township Republican Party Chairman Chris Bos. Half of McConchie’s district includes that of State Rep District 51. One would think this fact would give some weight to his preference, but it did not.

Dan Proft supported Helene Walsh, the wife of his friend, former Congressman Joe Walsh. Proft attacked Darch using his fake news empire by running stories insisting that Darch “increased property taxes collected by the village by more than one-third since 2010.”

Ultimately Lake County GOP Chair Mark Shaw demurred to Proft and Helene was selected, calling her a “clear pick.” Shaw went on to say, “Helene holds conservative views and I’m certain she will vote in agreement with the Illinois Republican Party platform.”

Helene Miller Walsh has expressed quite a series of radical and unfortunate views via her social media accounts. These include a long and consistently bizarre series of rants which are so outrageous, that it is challenging to determine which are the most objectionable. Walsh seems to feel that our nation is divided past the point of repair. She also seems to think we are seven years into the second American Revolution. Helene fails to state who we are revolting against. The first time, it was for our independence, which we still have.

One of her most surprising quotes is the stunning admission that she desires to leave Illinois stating, “make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to one day sell my house and leave IL” How can one possibly think they are capable of serving our state if their ultimate goal is to leave it?

Mark Shaw touted her conservative views and insisted they are consistent with the GOP platform. We have to take him at his word, and that is beyond unfortunate.

“The Walshes do not represent the vast majority of conservatives, Republicans, independents or conservative Republican independents. For Miller Walsh to publicly post her small-minded, bombastic views on Facebook — and be appointed to public office in spite of them — is indefensible.” Kristen McQueary