Helene Walsh – Attacking Movie “Theatres” as Socialist

Movie theatres can modernize for years and it still won’t bring me back in to the theatres to watch their biased, corrupt and fetid politically-motivated crap that then funds the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat agenda intent on destroying America

Sharing Overtly Racist Cartoons

On July 26th, Helene saw it fit to share this racially insensitive cartoon. Racism is not right for our community, Illinois or our Nation.

Helene Walsh – Defaming a Congressman

Why am I not surprised? I’m convinced the reason Congressman Luis Gutierrez is resigning from Congress and moving to Puerto Rica is so he can become the king maker and steal his portion of federal funds Just Wait & see

Helene Walsh – Attacking Free Speech

It should be criminal when the msm lies to the public BUT because of our 1st Amendment they have the right to lie. It is incumbent upon the public to do their own homework and turn these biased, corrupt and fetid liars OFF

Helene Walsh – Calling Democrats Fascists

Too many Democrats have become unhinged and the rhetoric by the literary/media elites has riled them up (not to mention several Democrat “leaders” and their inflammatory comments) Fascists are on the loose amongst us. I predict the “Blue Wave” will meet the “Red Sea”

Helene Walsh – Her Throwback Style Intolerance

I’m sorry be this is Bullsh#T. Let Transgenders have their own sporting events. Girls who are now boys and boys who are now girls. Should all compete against one another. Then those with the same equipment should compete against others with similar equipment. HAVE AT IT!

Helene Walsh – Giving Up on Illinois

The STUPID Leftist Democrats in IL (elected and those who vote to elect them) will make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to one day sell my house and leave IL… just wait til Pritzker enacts a Progressive tax… I may then be stuck in IL forever. I can’t fix stupid. Ahem…. generally it is not a […]